Who I am

I have trained myself to become an Architect at Politecnico di Milano. Being grown up in a Mediterranean island (Sardinia, Italy), I have developed a strong sense of attachment to my culture and local identity. I feel fascinated by travelling with a constantly present nostalgia and curiosity about derelict towns and buildings whose character lies beneath a sequence of overlapping layers built over the years. Looking at the space as the result of human's actions, I am currently exploring the idea of an absence as a presence in a place.

Curriculum Vitae



June 2016 |  ARB enrolment | Architects Registration Boards | London

September 2015 | Master degree in Theatre Design | University of Arts London

December 2013 | Qualifying examination as Architect | Politecnico di Milano

April 2013 | MA Architecture, Interiors, 110L/110 | Politecnico di Milano

July 2010 | BA Architecture | Politecnico di Milano


Academic Collaboration

2013 | Personal Thesis exhibition Trasformazioni insediative, urbanità e spazio domestico in un piccolo centro del Barigadu | Politecnico di Milano 

2012 | Fitting of the academic exhibition Abitare nella periferia milanese | Politecnico di Milano

2012 | Competition 40,000 Hours for the XIII Venice Biennial | Politecnico di Milano

2012 | Competition Scenografia per La Bancarotta di Carlo Goldoni for the Teatro Arsenale, Milano | Politecnico di Milano



2010 | Goring and Straja studio srl | Milano | Project Assistant

2012 | Clerici-Tutucci studio srl | Milano | Project Assistant


Work experience

October 2015 / Present | Architect ARB| Petruso+Patterson Ltd | London

October 2015 / Present | Architectural Assistant Freelancer| Rosso Design&Build | London

November 2015 | Designer & Coordinator of the Exhibition L’arte del gioiello e l’arte del cioccolato | Antica Orologeria Candido Operti | Cagliari

July 2015/September 2015 | Set/Construction/Props Maker and Performer | Well, designed and directed by Geraldine Pilgrim | London

May 2015 | Designer & Coordinator of the Exhibition Gioiello, arte e nutrimento dell’anima | Club degli Orafi Italia | Poldi Pezzoli Museum| Milan

A Project Proposal for an Itinerant Scenography

Theatre Design  

Carlo Goldoni's "La Bancarotta"  

Teatro Arsenale, Milan, 2012



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